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Need Marriage Counseling? 

Research has shown that the following are signs of relationship deterioration.  When these signs are present, there is a greatly increased risk of break up or divorce.


  • feeling distant
  • avoiding each other
  • increased arguing
  • lack of affection
  • sarcasm and hostility

If one or more of those signs are present in your marriage,  start taking action now!

Whether your relationship is in a crisis or you have been struggling to get along for a long time, a professional therapist can be a great source of support, strength and growth.  Having a highly trained and objective marriage counselor can help you work through anger or frustration, and find workable solutions. With the help of marriage counseling you can come out of a difficult situation feeling more intimate and committed than ever before. 

For most couples, the real problem is not incompatability, it is a lack of skills such as communication skills, conflict resolution skills, or intimacy skills.  The good news is that these skills can be taught.   

If you are motivated to work on the relationship, marriage counseling can help you:


  • communicate effectively   
  • negotiate differences    
  • heal and forgive hurts from the past    
  • build trust and safety    
  • parent effectively as a team   
  • create a healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationship

Marriage counseling works.

In a study published in the Marriage and Family Journal ( "Clinical Practice Patterns of Marriage and Family Therapists: A National Survey of Therapists and Their Clients", Journal of Marital and Family Therapy--Volume 22, No. 1),  it was reported that , of clients from 526 marriage and family counselors in 15 different states:

  • 98.1% rated services good or excellent
  • 97.1% got the kind of help they desired
  • 91.2% were satisfied with the amount of help they received
  • 93% said they were helped in dealing more effectively with problems
  • 94.3% would return to the same therapist in the future
  • 96.9% would recommend their therapist to a friend
  • 97.4% were generally satisfied with the service they received
  • 63.4% reported improved physical health
  • 54.8% reported improvement in functioning at work
  • 73.7% indicated improvement in children’s behavior
  • 58.7% showed improvement in children’s school performance

Reports from readers on the Internet also support couples counseling.  See comments from Berkely Parents Network  

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