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Emotional Infidelity by Laurent Mikhail

Emotional affairs are those where emotional connection is achieved by two persons who have a relationship with someone else.

Although people involved in such affairs insist that emotional affinity is not a threat to their relationship, the truth is that regardless what they say, at the end relationships are forged from sentimental affinity. Therefore having such connection with someone else means that their current relationship is in great danger and that a new relationship is being shaped.

An emotional connection is easily achieved when intense work or a problem is solved together by the persons involved, even though there is more people is involved or they are part of a team.

When an emotional affair is happening between two persons, usually they behave like teens in love, leaving in one way or the other important activities or obligations to assign time to the activity where they meet.

A not justified increase in time working at the office or wherever the meet, only means that they love to spend time together and they sacrifice other important things in their life to get together, like their own families.

The common defense against emotional infidelity accusations is that they are only friends and that nothing is happening between them. Most of the time, when the emotional relation has not evolved into something else, such affirmation it is the truth, but sometimes that could be the beginning of a relationship.

Therefore, the real danger of an emotional infidelity is not such relationship itself, but the menace that it can be the sparking of a real romantic affair.

To recognize the difference when is becoming dangerous, is when your lover doesn't know anymore where to draw the line as he or she gets involved in something else very completely ignoring other aspects of his or her life, like family, kids, self care, etc.

It is very important when dealing with this kind of problem, avoid behaving jealousy with your partner because that will develop an even stronger bond between the people having the emotional affair. Also, this will make them talking seriously about their feelings for each other.

Have the Courage...

An emotional affair on most occasions comes as a reaction to the real life activities in a couple, like raising children, paying bills, etc. So avoid making this the focal point of your life.

If you notice that this is happening, try making your partner aware of what is he or she doing, without making a scene and without behaving jealousy as I said before. Only a clear, non-aggressive, non-emotional and very reasoned exposition, advising him or her about where is he or she directing and the consequences of it.

If you get an aggressive, very emotional response, it is probable that it is time to start looking for the signs of infidelity, which I described in previous articles.

One of the risks of a real emotional affair is that people involved do not feel guilty as they have not done anything wrong, yet. Therefore, blaming or unnecessarily attacking them will have very unwilling results.

Dr. Laurent Mikhail is a communication professional who has helped several couples to understand each other after an infidelity problem. You can find further information in his site

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